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About the Founder

About the Founder

Brendan is the Founder and CEO of Office to Octagon, the only sanctioned corporate fight league in the country that continues to change the lives of its competitors and non profit partners. Brendan has been involved with companies and organizations in a wide range of industries allowing him to bridge gaps and cultivate partnerships between mission driven brands and non profit initiatives. He currently heads Partnerships for during a time of exciting and substantial growth. He has also served in such roles as Head of PR & Events for a global clothing brand, Securities Lending Analyst for the oldest private bank in the US, Director of Marketing for a nationally recognized non-profit, and Event Chair and Board Member to some of Boston’s most coveted organizations.

Through his own training Brendan discovered the true transformative power of the martial arts and made the decision to leave the office to pursue the octagon. What started as a blog is now a nationally recognized corporate fight club.

If you have any interest in competing or hosting an Office to Octagon event in your city please email Brendan directly at

Licensed Promoter, Matchmaker, Trainer, & Fighter under the MSAC.


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Brendan McKee

Founder & President